Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Every morning...

Every morning I rustle my children out of bed and into the bathroom.
Every morning, someone won't get out the bed.
Every morning, someone runs back upstairs for a pair of socks or the library book that's due today.
Every morning, I scribble my signature on a progress report or field trip permission slip.
Every morning, someone ends up crying over something.
Every morning, I yell "hurry up!"
Every morning, someone is wearing someone else's shirt/hair barrette/socks.
Every morning, someone has forgotten to finish their homework.
Every morning, I rush around the kitchen to pack up a sandwich and a fruit and a juice and a snack.
Every morning, someone can't find their shoes.
Every morning, someone grabs breakfast as they run out the door, with their jacket thrown over their shoulder and a hairbrush shoved in their pocket.
Every morning, we rush rush rush to the bus stop.

Every single morning, I need prayer.

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1 comment:

Jennelle said...

LOL! This has amused me, and I realize you didn't write this to be humorous. This sounds like a poetic venting! I love it! While, I love children, this has further confirmed that I am not ready, and so I shall continue to take my BC pill (you guessed it) EVERY MORNING!