Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rules for Mother's Day

It seems the trend for Mother's Day is that we're supposed to beg for time alone.  For the family to go away and leave us to float thru a day of spa treatments and glasses of wine and sweet chocolates, all by ourselves, or, at the very least, with some of our other mom friends.  That's kinda nice, but I really would like to spend the day with my family.  I always wanted to be a mom, as a little girl, I dragged around dolls imagining being a wife and mom, as I guess many of us did.  So now that I am, I'd like to celebrate my motherhood.

But I would like to make the rules for the day.
- There will be no activities scheduled, other than any mom may plan; it would be a day when we really can do nothing or go to the movies or go bowling or some other fun, family activity

- Someone, husband who can drive or kids who can reach the counter, will be sure there is hot coffee waiting for mom when she wakes up, whether its from Dunkin' Donuts (yes, my favorite) or home-brewed.

- The little folks in my house will wake up when called, wash up and brush their teeth (for real), put on clean clothes, not argue with each other, and be pleasant.

- Everyone will be sure to give mom at least 2-3 kisses and 2-3 big hugs throughout the day.

- I will have the time to cook a real meal that takes more than a handful of ingredients and a microwave.  I will flip thru all my cookbooks and pick out about 10 recipes that require a big 'ole pile of seasonings and spices and flour and eggs and onions and tomatoes and ginger and lemongrass.  I will serve all that that becomes with a big pot of rice and chocolate cake for dessert.  A kitchen fairy will come along and restore my kitchen to its shining glory when I'm done.

- The folks who eat my wonderfully prepared meal with do so without wiggling around at the table, falling out of chairs, spilling their juice, asking for BBQ sauce to put on their food, argue with each other nor kick each other under the table and not say "what is this?"

- There will be a large pitcher of sangria, enough to last the day.

- At the end of the day, I will have the chance to actually use the bottles and jars of bubble baths and bath salts sitting on the edge of my tub.

Perhaps, if I post these rules on the bulletin board, over top the basketball tournament and tennis schedule, play rehearsal list, and school activities calendar, someone will take notice.  You think?

* To all the mothers out there - the good ones, the ones who are trying to be good, the ones doing the best they can.  Stay-at-home moms, working moms, military deployed moms.  Old, young, married, single, divorced.  Breast-feeding, bottle-feeding.  Helicopter, Tiger, Mocha, slacker.

Best wishes for a Happy Mother's Day - may it be all that you want for your special day!

(The Photo Challenge for tomorrow is of course, Mother's Day - post your pics to Just Piddlin' with Frances on FaceBook)

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