Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pack Your Bags: For a Fun Day Out

Yesterday, we hit an odd busy day – the kids were busy with tennis, swimming, school orientation, summer work, but somehow all were to be done by 11 am.  We had nothing to do the rest of the day.  So while everyone was out, I packed some sandwiches, sliced up a watermelon and filled a couple of gallons jugs with water and sweet tea, and threw it all in the cooler.  Next, I grabbed up their bathing suits and a change of clothes.  I made my bus-route of picking everyone up, then headed to the beach.  Its about an hour drive and was a fun something different to do for the day.

As much as I enjoy staying home and letting the kids go off to find their own adventure, I also like packing them up and wandering around town.  We might go to the zoo or the museum, head off to find some great ice cream, or go to a park we haven’t been to before, or at least in a while.  Obviously, not necessarily any epic adventure, just a change of scenery.

My tote bag, cooler, and picnic blanket - ready for a last minute plan
To be ready for a spontaneous day, it’s helpful to have summer supplies on hand.  I have a couple large totes to corral all of our stuff and a few constants that stay in the bags, so we’re ready to go kinda easily.
  • A picnic blanket – I picked up a durable one at Target, and another disposable-if-needed one at $5Below.
  • Balls – basketball, tennis – for a stop at the park or entertainment while waiting for a sibling
  • A towel – just because
  • Wipes
I also asked a friend, Adrienne Lynne, a busy mom of 5, what she carries in her Utility Totes (like the blue one in the photo). Here's what she said.

I use this bag almost every day, well at least one of the 10 that I have! (Yes, I said T-E-N!!!) This is the most versatile bag I have ever owned. There are so many different uses for this bag, but right now, this bag holds all of our summer fun car activities. With five kids, I always have to be prepared for fun, and since it’s summer, and we are on the go constantly, I have to carry “fun” with me! So, this week in my Large Utility Tote I have the following:
• 2 Basketballs
• Several Frisbies
• Bubbles
• Blankets
• Towels
• Sidewalk Chalk
• Tennis balls
• Tennis racquets
• Zipper Pouch filled with bug spray, sunscreen and handi-wipes
• Notebooks
• Crayons, pens, pencils (in my Mini Zipper Pouch)
• Trash bags
And I even have room for a few extra items that I may grab on the way out the door!

We seem like-minded in also carrying a smaller bag for other stuff we just might need.  I use a collapsible basket, Adrienne has an Organizing Utility Tote.   
  • In mine, I have: a magazine or two, hand wipes, a jar full of change (parking meters and bubble gum machines), a small bottle of lotion, and a couple of crayons.  
  • Some of the stuff she carries:  I keep some magazines and notebooks in the main compartment at all times. I always have a little extra room for those last minute additions, like camera, jacket, etc. just in case! And then the pockets…there are seven-pockets on the outside and I can fill each one easily! I always have at least 2 water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and still have room for my keys and my cell phone!
I’m sure every mom worth her melted crayons has a stash of fun stuff in her car.  What’s in your trunk that we’re missing?

Click here to order your Utility Tote through my favorite 31 Consultant, Sakima.

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