Thursday, September 6, 2012

Make Me Beautiful or Pour Me a Cup of Coffee

There are some days, I look in the mirror and think "ooh, who is that old, tired lady hiding out in my bathroom?"  But generally by the time she's woken up, splashed some water on her face, and had a cup of coffee, she looks half-decent.  She kinda looks like me.
But apparently, the folks at one of my favorite monthly magazines, thinks I could do better.   Just a quick flip through the latest issue (August, September, this coming December - who knows) yielded no less than 16 ads for a crate of stuff I need to get from the make-up counter (there were maybe 7 or 8 before the first article).
All kinds of lotions and creams and serums to repair my broken cells, hydrate  my skin, erase my wrinkles, brighten my skin,  un-puff my eyes. That's all to make me look younger and healthy.  
That doesn't even count the crate of foundation, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipliner, blush, mascara - what am I forgetting?  All that will make me naturally beautiful looking.  

Oh wait, still need to trim my hair, color my gray (can you really see them?), straighten my waves, curl it back, and put on a cute headband to make it all look so casual.
Now with a pair of control top thongs under my slimming jeans, so that I have nothing hanging over the top or visible panty lines, and push-up bra under a waist-cinching top, there will be little evidence of my fondness for chocolate cake and I'll look fit.
Wow.  That's a lot of work and my day is half over.  Maybe it's easier just to befriend that woman in the mirror and pour her a cup of coffee. 

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Day - NyLA Love said...

LOL I love this post!!