Monday, September 10, 2012

The Technophile & His Wife

This is my husband shopping for my new phone - via text from wherever he is because I never invite him to come to the phone store with me:
Get the [insert whatever phone came out yesterday].  It runs on an Android platform.  You need 16GB.  Its the 4G.  It has gazillion megabytes of electronical Wi-Fi hotspots and doo-dads.   (Okay this last part is what it was received as in my brain, probably not what he said.)

This is me shopping for my new phone - standing in front of the display of 500 phones in the store:
Hmmm, only comes in blue or white, huh?  What do the covers look like?

But to be fair, I've got my strengths and areas of expertise, too.  
This is my husband wanting a hat: Can you make me a hat, it's getting cold?

This is me offering to make my husband a hat - looking through my stash of yarn (let's not say how many skeins are in there):  Sure.  Do you want it in wool, that would be really warm.  But it might be itchy.  I'm starting to like alpaca, that's not itchy.  What about cashmere, that's warm and not itchy, but a little more expensive.  But its just a hat, so the expense won't be too bad.  Maybe I could get a silk blend, silk is actually pretty warm when stitched tightly and its smooth. 

My husband still wanting a hat: Make it black.

I guess opposites do attract.

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