Monday, April 29, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 18: Have your coffee "Here"

Caffeine is a staple in my life, that's not even a question.  I have a cup of coffee 365 mornings of the year and it goes into either of two types of cups - a mug or a travel cup.

If I will be in the house, it goes into my Animal Kingdom cheetah mug or San Diego Zoo monkey mug.  On the days I'm running out the door, it goes into my Madrid mug from Starbucks. This is not an ad for Starbucks (though I will gladly accept gift cards) but these are the best travel mugs.  The little top flap clips down and is totally spill-proof. I will actually throw this in my tote bag with my iPad and phone with no worries. This is a great feature when you need both hands as you're running around.  However, today, we're focusing on having our coffee "here".
My "to go" cup and my "here" mug - one, or sometimes both, get filled every morning
The cheetah and monkey mug days are the at home days. Those days can still be busy, but in a different way than running around. There is a certain calmness in not driving all over the place, not sitting in traffic and parking and driving some more, even if the day at home is filled with laundry and housework interspersed with episodes of writing.

But I'm suggesting taking it even a step further and enjoy that coffee "here" while being relatively still, because I know its impossible for a busy mom to totally be unmoving.  Whether your "here" cup is on your office desk or kitchen counter, enjoy your coffee while taking a moment to collect your thoughts, calmly write out your to-do list (keeping it to a reasonable length), and breathe a good full, deep breath.


* * *

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