Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coke or Pepsi? Meat or Veggies?

In the battle between Coke and Pepsi, I'm a Pepsi girl, 100%. I don't drink regular Coke or diet Coke or Cherry Coke.  None, ever, not even with Bacardi.  Ever since I was a kid - Pepsi. My mother would buy Pepsi, Coke, and root beer (something else I don't drink, ever).  My brother was not as picky and would drink anything.  And what would he drink first? The Pepsi.  Then when they were all gone, that would leave him with 2 other choices and me and my picky self with nothing but water.  This would irritate the heck out of me. I always felt he should not drink the Pepsi, ever, because he had other options.

Skip years and years forward.  I'm a vegetarian now; actually, a pescetarian.  When I cook for my family or have folks over to my own home, I cook carnivore options and vegetarian/pescetarian options.  Fajitas? Steak, chicken, and shrimp.  BBQ?  Ribs, chicken, fish.  Pork chops and tofu.  When I go to an event, I look for the veggie or fish options.  So, what is it that irritates me?  (Go back to the Pepsi/Coke thing if you haven't figured it out). Yes, when carnivores eat up all the fish and veggies first, leaving me with a pile of lettuce leaves and cauliflower.  I recently went to an event with a buffet of munchies - mini cheesesteak subs, burger sliders, crabcakes.  Guess which went first?  And no, I am not going to believe that there were a room full of vegetarians who ate all the crabcakes before I got there.

I'll admit, maybe in my pre-pescetarian days, I did the same thing.  But now I'm going to tell you, on behalf of the vegetarians - stop it.  If you are a carnivore, eat the meat.  Yes, I get it that you like fish and shrimp, too.  Every now and then, you'd rather take the pasta dish rather than the chicken plate at the convention center/hotel dinner.  But that's not for you. It's for folks who don't eat the chicken plate.  It's unfair for you to take our only option for a meal.

Now when we get to dessert....well, if you like chocolate, you should try to get your plate before me.

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