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Favorite Holiday Gifts from

What do you get for your sister, friend, co-worker, kid's teacher, brother, sister-in-law? Oh, it's a lot of folks on the gift list.  As for me, I do like gift-giving and when I find the perfect gift, I get so excited! But it's finding that gift that's the problem. So, I'm happy that Martine is back to offer her gift-giving suggestions, just as she did last year.  Martine is the Editor of JustDiva and the writer for, and curates unique and sometimes little-known products and services for her daily email, JustDiva.  Let's see what she's putting on the holiday list this year.

Favorite Holiday Gifts

Admittedly, I love the holiday season.  Hands down, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  I also love giving gifts.  The look of pure joy on someone’s face when they open their gift and it’s clear that they love it – well, that look is priceless. 

What I do hate, however, about the holiday season, is all the stress that goes into gift buying.  I am not a fan of Black Friday (no offense to anyone who is) and I truly think that buying wonderful gifts from the comfort of my warm, cozy home is the way to go – always. 

If you agree, then check out this short list of JustDiva’s favorite gifts for the holiday season.  These are gifts that you can’t go wrong with (and some of them are even gifts that give twice).  Also, if you want more ideas, visit our website to access our FREE holiday gift guide.  It’s sure to help you put a smile on everyone’s face this Christmas.  Enjoy! 

Cocotique – For just $20 a month, Cocotique delivers a box filled with 5-6 expertly curated beauty and lifestyle products. This makes a great gift for a girlfriend.  You can just send one box, or choose a subscription. 

1/2 of profits from One Hope Wine
go to end childhood hunger
One Hope Wine – A cause-centric wine brand that offers a number of varietals attached to a specific social cause, One Hope Wine is one of our new favorite things.  Buy a bottle and 50% of the profits are donated to the cause associated with that varietal. They also offer gift sets during the holidays. 

Heart of Haiti – Available at Macy’s, this collection of beautiful accessories and home décor items are sure to please someone in your life.  Handmade by artisans in Haiti, the sale of the items in this collection is helping these artisans rebuild a decent life for their families after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Love With Food – Love With Food delivers a carefully curated box of organic and all natural foods to your door step every month for only $10 a month.  The items are healthy, often unique, and also tasty. For every box sent, Love with Food donates a meal to a hungry child. 

Kathy Bransfield Jewelry – We are in love with this jeweler who designs pieces that don’t just speak to your sense of style, but also speak to your soul with inspiring inscriptions.  

Fitbit Flex – Released earlier this year, we think Fitbit Flex is one impressive device.  Perfect for anyone who loves gadgets, this little thing does it all.  A great way to inspire someone to get fit and live well in the new year. 

FiLip – One of the coolest devices we’ve come across recently, we think this watch makes a pretty cool gift for a kid.  To your kids it’s just a cool watch, but for a parent it’s a way to keep their child safe. Definitely worth checking out if you are concerned about your child’s safety, or if your child has a physical, developmental or mental health issue that requires you to put extra safety measures in place.  

What do you think? Like those ideas? Any other great gift ideas you'd like to share - leave them in the comments below.

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