Monday, February 9, 2015

Currently... Distracted

It's the middle of the afternoon and I'm trying to catch up on my day. You ever have those days? It seems like the whole day is open and you're going to get a bunch of stuff done. And then somebody calls you, then someone else sends you an email you have to respond to right away, and then you've got to go out for something and next thing you know.... here come the school buses. Today was one of those days.  So I'm currently catching up because of the distractions of my day.

Raccoons.  This morning while I was drinking my coffee, I saw a huge thing in the tree, screamed and alerted the kids and the dog.  It was high up in the tree so it could've been any kind of tree-climbing thing - a bear, a monkey. Turned out it was two big fat raccoons. Note - animal control will not come for "normal acting" raccoons.  So now, they are somewhere in my yard.  I'm a bit nervous for my dog and kids.

Emails. I've been trying to decide if it's more efficient to answer all my email during certain concentrated times throughout the day.  It seems like a good plan, rather than checking in and responding whenever I'm bored or procrastinating. I've found it helps if I log out when I'm done, because it's just enough effort to remember my password and sign back in that I won't bother.

Phone calls. Remember way back in the day, before we wore our phones attached to our hands and you could not answer the phone without having to explain why you didn't answer the phone?  Now, if you don't pick up by the third ring, the person on the other end is so frustrated that they have to leave a message and you better have an excuse note as to why you didn't answer.  And, apparently, "I didn't feel like it" or "I was watching Shark Tank" does not cut it.

Texts. We know we all get distracted by texts since there's entire campaigns and phone gadgets to get you not to check or answer your texts when you are driving. And - like your phone calls - if you do not reply within 5 minutes, you better have a really good excuse.  If you're driving? You've got to do the #X thing so people will know you are driving and can't answer. Which leads to my confusion: aren't we not supposed to be texting and driving, how do you type #X?  And more important - why, why are we so impatient that I must tell you why I didn't answer your text right away about what is the name of that guy in that movie?

Getting my kid from the busstop.  See item #1: Raccoons.

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