Monday, December 7, 2015

On This Day of December

It started out simply. A friend handed me a large “card” filled with chocolate behind numbered tabs. An Advent calendar.  She and her family had decided that they were giving out Advent calendars to their friends and she forgot to give me mine when she saw me the day before, and her kids reminded her to give one to our family. So we got ours on December 1.

For someone who loves the month of December and forgets to get an Advent calendar until sometime close to mid-December, this was a wonderfully, thoughtful, timely gift.

I posted on Facebook (because that’s what you must do when someone gives you something) “On the first day of December…” while humming 12 Days of Christmas.

When another friend offered to deliver the Christmas wreath that I had ordered from his daughter’s sports team on the next day, saving me the drive… well, there seemed to be a pattern brewing. What other gifts and blessings lay before me for the next 29 days?

Its made me think, each day, about the blessing received in every day life. I know at this season, its all about the giving – its better to give than to receive – and all that. But I wanted to focus on being appreciative for the things I received, the things that may be overlooked as a blessing as we go along our busy, harried day.  And its not just about the things. I could get my own chocolate filled Advent calendar or wreath anywhere. But the blessing is in the relationships with the people who I received them from, their thoughtfulness and the smile they bring to my life. I know – doesn’t that sound so “all about me”?  But sometimes it has to be to realize what you have.

So, each day, instead of just seeing the day, or complaining about the day, I think about what this day in December has brought to me… and I feel blessed.

What has been your blessing today?

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