Friday, August 5, 2016

Peach Mojito Cocktail

I've been on a little blogging break (more about that in another post) and I've returned to offer you sweet nectar for these hot summer days.

I went to the Farmers Market last weekend - Saturday and Sunday - I was so excited to be done swim meets and basketball tournaments (I love my kids, I do, but summer gets jam-packed with sports) that I chose both mornings to wander through fresh fruit and veggies and flowers and crafts and stuff at DC's Eastern Market and Takoma Park's Sunday farmers' market.  One of the things I got a lot of was peaches because they were everywhere and their sweet scent filled every aisle.  My husband had brought me some peaches and I bought some more.  Peaches are a funny thing to get a lot of because if you do not eat them soon, they'll get too soft and go bad. But I bought a lot anyway.  Too busy to bake them in a pie. What else to do with these?

As luck would have it, I came across a drink recipe for a Peach Basil Whiskey Cocktail. Interesting. But I didn't want to use basil (which I had also bought, along with some  mint) and I don't drink whiskey and I don't like club soda.  But I liked where this was going. So here's what I came up with.

Peach Mojito Cocktail
Peach puree
White Rum (Bacardi)
Fresh Mint

  • Blanch peaches (I used 3 which was enough for several drinks), then puree skinned peaches in a blender.
  • Muddle mint and agave
  • Mix peach puree and rum (to your taste) with wire whisk
  • Pour peach puree & rum into glass with mint & agave and ice. Top off with Sprite (to your taste.)
  • Find your favorite spot out in the sun & enjoy.

Let me know what you think! Or if you change it up, too!

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Unknown said...

Love peaches!