In a perfect world, I'd always have my bag packed and passport in my purse.  In my almost-perfect world, I get out and see the sites, near to home or far away, by car, train or plane, alone, with the husband or with all four kids.  Here's some of the places that we've enjoyed & our traveling tips.

U.S. Cities
Boston - Things to see & do
New York City -  Questions about the 9/11 Memorial
Washington DC - Take flight at Udvar Hazy Center
DC suburbs - Make something at the KID Museum (Bethesda, Md)
Chicago, IL - See the city by Bike, 5 Bites in Chicago
Middleburg VA - Shopping & dinner at Salamander Resort
Williamsburg VA - Great Wolf Lodge; Colonial Williamsburg
Charlotte, NC - Make a pitstop by Nascar, 5 foods & drink you gotta try
Austin - food & drink; how to buy cowboy boots

Pasport Required
Madrid - enjoy churros & chocolate (and how to get that same drinking chocolate taste at home)
When in Amsterdam... rent a bike

Travel Tips & Ideas
Travel Tips - the family version
Family road trips - if we can survive, you can too
Any city - when you've only got a few hours make the most of it
Hotel stay must-haves (cookies make the list)
Carry a travel journal for everybody
Do laundry while on the road
Take the history tour - you have to do the educational thing sometimes

It's all about the ice cream!
New York - Dylan's Candy Bar
Boston - Churn 2, Lizzy's, Christina's
Portsmouth, NH - Annabelle's
Waterbury, VT - Ben & Jerry's!

Souvenir yarn (yes, it's my thing)
London - iKnitLondon
Madrid - el Gato Negro
San Francisco - ArtFiber

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