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Between driving cross-county to basketball games, swim meets, tennis matches, choir rehearsals & concerts, and tae kwan do practice; volunteering with the PTA, Girl Scouts,  my sorority, and family foundation; and actually cooking for my family, I've been threatened that I am going to lose my "slacker mom" card.  But my take on mothering still holds - letting kids make mistakes so they can learn, allowing kids to taste stuff to figure out if they are allergic, and sending the kids outside to play on their own. Kinda like the way my mother raised me and my brother; probably the way most of us of a certain age were raised. I love my kids to no end and being a mom is one of the most important things I can ever imagine doing.  And with a strong cup of coffee, I think we'll all make it.

Just Piddlin' is all about motherhood and fitting in what's important - family, personal interests, and time to enjoy.  We'll talk about kids and family, what to cook, books to read, crafts for moms and kids, and where to go for fun.  And coffee and chocolate; there's a lot of caffeine and sugar required for piddlin'.  Sometimes there are product reviews and book reviews, restaurant and yarn shop recommendations - we'll let you know if any are sponsored, otherwise, they are something/some place we found & liked.  You'll find all kinds of stuff while piddlin'.

In addition to the blog, Frances is also the author of the novel, Life in Spades, and owner of InvisionBooks LLC. You can read more about this path of writing at www.francesfrost.com

To contact Frances about this blog, her novel, product/book reviews, other questions or just to send her coffee and chocolate, contact her at francesmfrost [at] gmail [dot] com.

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