Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

I am just coming in from Halloween shopping.  Candy, parts of costumes - all just bought within the past couple hours, in between stopping by the kids' schools and voting.  This is my sum total of Halloween supplies.
My Halloween supplies - couple bags of candy, costume accessories.
Real last minute, right?  I'm last minute about a lot of things, but especially for Halloween.

For one - I'm not real crazy about Halloween.  I know some people love Halloween, I even have a friend who claims it as her favorite holiday.  But I don't like walking around in the dark and cold and I'm scared of scary things.  I don't like Halloween movies, I don't like spiders and crawly things, I don't like any dead or almost dead thing related to Halloween.

Two - I'm too lazy to put up and then take down Halloween decorations and too tired to carve and clean up a jack o'lantern.  And in the few years I have been energized enough to do decorations, pumpkins and a pot of mums have been the extent of it because what else is there?  Did I mention I was scared of the dark, crawly, spooky things?
I wouldn't even be able to stay in my house with something like this on the side of it.
Another reason I just bought costume supplies today?  My kids are very indecisive about what they're going to be.  With four kids, costume ideas run the gamut from butterflies to mermaids to robots to football players to cowboys/girls and anything else which crosses their brains through the month of October.  I've been trying for years to get them to dress up as Dorothy & her friends, especially now that we have a dog! - no one likes my idea.  I'm not sure they know yet what they will be, but we've got some cat ears, a witches hat, a bottle of glow in the dark nail polish, and a roll of aluminum foil being passed around.

As a kid, I guess I liked Halloween primarily for the same reason I do now - for the candy.  Back when I was young, dressing up was the price I paid for a bagful of Jolly Ranchers and Fun Size Hershey bars.  Now, it's my payment for chaperoning my kids, the neighbor kids, and whoever else tags along through the streets singing "Trick or Treat".  All in a day's night's work.

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Robyn said...

oh me too! just got back from wallyworld with bags of candy and a mask for Noah. i love seeing the creative costumes and searching the kids' bags for the Reeses!!