Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 12, 13 - Relax & Clean Out Your Car

No - Day 12 & 13 are totally not related - don't try to find a deeper meaning.  These are all pretty random, whatever I feel like we need that day.

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 12 - I wanted to know how you RELAX?  Or do you even relax? When I posted it on Facebook, I had to give it some deep thought myself.  I tried to remember the last time I totally vegged out in front of the TV doing absolutely nothing else.  I'm usually doing at least 2 things, even when I'm relaxing.  Watched The Voice the other night - really like "playing along" by listening with my back to the TV and deciding whether I will turn around (you do it, too, right?).  And while I was listening, I was on the computer doing some sorority task and getting ready for my PTA meeting.  This - focusing on doing nothing but relaxing - is something I need to focus on.

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 13 - Take 30 Minutes and Clean out your car.  Did you find the time today?  This is what I found: a clothes hanger, water bottles (both empty and full), Apples to Apples cards, those wax bottle candies (you know the kind with the sweet juice inside?), shoes (mine).  What have your kids left behind in the car?

If you are anything like me, your car is your second home. There are days that I spend more hours driving and going somewhere than I do in my real living room.  And just like at home, every now and then, its time to clean up so you aren't pushing reusable grocery bags and old magazines around on that passenger seat, looking for the carplug to your cell phone.  I'd like to add some more decorative touches - you know how some people have those solar flowers that wave back and forth or the hula girl on the dashboard? Maybe not exactly like that, but something. My car's pretty basic.  Any ideas?

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