Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 14: Buy A New Bra for Yourself

The last few days, we've relaxed, cleaned our car.  Now, time for a little shopping because like the advise on the shopping bag, every woman wants to FEEL BEAUTIFUL.

Weight gain - weight loss, pregnancy related or not. Breast-feeding. Age. Our bodies have gone through a lot of changes. Our undergarments need to keep up.  According to Soma Intimates, 80% of us are walking around with the wrong size bra.

If you've ever watched "What Not to Wear" or Oprah you know you've got to measure yourself and have properly fitting bras. You've got to check the inch measurement - the circumference of your ribcage/torso - as well as the cup size, the measurement around your breasts.  Both sizes fluctuate with all your body changes, so don't guess.  Someone at the lingerie stores or department stores can help you; and if you are shy, you can do it yourself - just use a real tape measure.

Now that you've got your measurements - has what you want the bra to DO also changed?  Support. Lift. Push-up. Accentuate. What are you trying to do with your figure?  That probably changes on different days. Do you need the push-up padded red lace trim peeking out the top of your blouse for your volunteer-at-school day?  (The correct answer, if you are wondering, would be "no".)  Maybe you want more than the basic beige support for date night. And do you have one of those clear-strap or strapless bras so that when you wear that cute sundress you don't have ugly bra straps hanging out (even if they are a matching or coordinating color, bra straps aren't supposed to be visible).  Or maybe, you need something totally functional - a sports bra so your work-out is more comfortable.  What do you want your bra to do?

Think about how you want your bra to LOOK. Do you feel any particular way depending on what you wear? Sexier? Older? Straight-laced? Do you want to feel a different way?  You can do more than white and black and beige.  Consider a new color, a fun pattern - it'll be your own little secret of what's under your basic mom button-down shirt (well, unless/until you want to share your secret with someone).

And don't whine about COST.  Whether you are shopping at Target or LaPerla or buying that VS diamond encrusted bra - your bra should still FIT.

Even if you don't have time to go shopping for a new bra today - at least go through your current inventory. I bet there's at least 1 that doesn't need to be in there anymore. Too big, too small. Broken strap, pokey wire. Ugly (definitely get rid of the ugly ones). All your breasts are spilling over the top not in a cute and sexy way.  The cups are only half-full - or half-empty, depending on how you look at things. You don't even need a good reason other than "I don't like it." Get rid of it.

Today's summary: Toss an old bra, measure yourself, buy a new bra.  Simple.  Enjoy!

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