Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 28: Go windsurfing!

When was the last time you did something you liked to do or something just for you?  I've given you a few hints of Mom-ME stuff to do over the past month, but then I thought "what if I didn't include the something that someone wanted to do?" What if someone loves windsurfing and they have not been windsurfing in forever because no-one else in their family likes to windsurf or all the family vacations are in the mountains far away from the wind and the surf and they just need someone to say "hey, take a day to go windsurfing."  So there, I said it.  Go windsurfing.

In addition to all the other mothering duties - laundry, dishes, dinner, blah blah blah - we also are responsible for entertaining the family.  Though, one may argue that this duty has taken on quite an extraordinary level of work since we (I) was a kid. It used to mean buying my brother and I a jumprope and a ball and then going back in the house to watch The Young & The Restless. Now, it means buying a jumprope for each kid and a ball and an airpump and some bases, actually going outside and setting up the bases somewhere safe, being sure to put up the orange "kids playing" sign on the street if the end of the cul de sac is the ballfield, and putting elbow and knee pads and a helmet on the kids and getting any neighbor kids' parents to sign a waiver in case they somehow skin their knee and and playing with the kids.  Yeah, and then you never get to go windsurfing.

And you walk around pouting that instead of windsurfing, you are playing kickball or cooking dinner. And you remember how much you liked windsurfing and how good you were at it.  And you lament that you will now be way too old when you don't have to play kickball anymore to dare getting on a windsurfer board.  Yes, I hear you, momma!

Determine, or should I say - remember, what it is that you like to do. Not what you like to do with your kids, or with your hubby. Or  not even what you like to do with your mom-friends.

You by yourself, complete this sentence: "Wow, I sure love to [windsurf]."

And now go do that thing. If you can't do it today, for instance, if you happen  to be in your living room or waiting in your car rather than sitting somewhere in your bathing suit, then make a concrete plan to do it tomorrow or sometime soon.  And by "concrete" I do mean written in stone (as much as motherhood plans can be).  Make a vacation reservation near wind and surf, call the local community college or specialty school and sign up for a class to refresh your skills, pull out all your stuff you need and blow the dust off of it.  Make a plan to do something that you really enjoy doing.

Enjoy windsurfing!

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