Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration: What My Mother Taught Me

My mother was the first to hold me and bathe me and brush my hair. So much of who I am comes from all that she taught me, either by intention or by example.  She taught me how to cook and take care of my house. My mother taught me how to run a business and manage my money. She taught me how to let my husband be the head of my household and hold my tongue (though my husband may suggest that I'm still learning). My mother taught me how to play jacks and ride a bike. And she stood back and let me figure out how to fix a broken chain or a flat tire on that bike.  She taught me how to draw and color and crochet. She's trying to teach me how to knit.  She took me to piano lessons, every week, for years.  She taught me to show respect for my elders.  She taught me how to walk and how to swim. She took me around the world and always made a home to return to.  She taught me how to braid my hair and paint my nails.  Because of my mother, I tell my kids "good night and I love you."  Because of my mother, I count rice as a major food group and as a bona fide meal. She taught me to write and tried to teach me how to hold a pencil correctly. She checked my math homework and let me go to the library. My mother has never closed the door.  She's always let me dream.  She said "no" plenty of times, as a mother should.  My mother was not my friend, she always was and is, my mother.  She kept me safe.  My mother taught me to love. My mother taught me to be a mom.

Happy Mother's Day

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