Monday, October 13, 2014

Currently...Back in School

I'm back in Spanish class. For the third time today, I'm catching a few words as a test to what I recall from high school classes so many years ago.  I had PE this morning.  No math, no English, no Science. I go to lunch next. Why are my kids complaining that school is so hard?

Its class visit day. On Columbus Day each year, our school system has county-wide open house when parents are welcome to come sit in on their kids' classes. (I think because we have a significant number of parents who are government employees so they have the day off, but schools are open.) Its a good option to actually see what the teachers said would happen when they did their presentation at back-to-school night. But for me, I have so imperfectly timed my visits so that I've gone from my youngest's PE class, went to my sons and daughter's school, where they were both in Spanish, left there for the high school where my oldest was in Spanish and then making up a quiz.

And somehow -I have forgotten my knitting. I thought to bring it this morning, then though "nah, when would I knit?"

I'll next go through round 2 -back for a parent meeting at the middle school, coaching Girls on the Run at elementary, and post-sports pick up at the high school.

And folks ask stay-at-home moms what do we do all day. For one thing, its not staying at home.

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