Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 7: Clear Your Personal Space

Today, you have permission to get rid of that stuff in your house that is old, broken, and unused.  You know, the curling iron that works if you jiggle it and hold it just so.  The rice pot that doesn't keep rice hot for longer than 5 minutes.  The blender that would work if you ordered the little piece that goes on the bottom. Even that purse with the broken strap sitting on the floor of your closet.  Even the pile of mis-matched socks. Need a dump truck to get it all out?  Okay, start in your own personal space.  I know, the idea of "personal space" is almost foreign to mom's, but think about your bedroom, your bathroom, your night stand, your closet.

I have admitted before, I do have some pack-rat-ish tendencies. But -- I also have stated that I am trying to get better this year and clear out some of the clutter around me. I feel so weighed down and suffocated sometimes.  When we switched around the kids' rooms, forcing me to empty out my craft closet and move it all downstairs, it became more apparent to me how much stuff I've got crammed away. I'm working on it, it's quite a project.

For now - I'm giving myself a little bit more elbow room by getting rid of the stuff that even I can't justify keeping.  I think I'll start with the coffee pot that leaks every time I make a pot of coffee.

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