Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 20: Enjoy a Treat Only You Like

I know moms who don't eat seafood because one of their kids has a seafood allergy. There's others who don't eat cake because they are trying to watch the sugar intake of their little people. I even know of moms who determined that they would stop drinking alcoholic beverages because it was a bad example for the kids.  (Yeah, I'm not sure how they're making it.)  So what's this all get down to?  Yep - you guessed it - more mom sacrifices.  You don't think about it, do you, how much you give up for those little folks.

Today - Enjoy a treat that only you like or that you've denied yourself because the kids don't like it/can't eat it.

Sometimes, we do this for our spouse, too. Maybe he hates Mexican food so you have given up your beloved enchiladas so you can eat every meal together. Perhaps he's all organic and vegan so you just pass by the juicy, meaty bacon cheeseburgers.  You pride yourself on respecting your loved one's diet and keeping the household pleasant.  And you should be proud of that, you're keeping your loved one healthy and happy.

Now, it's your turn. Whether it's a burger at lunch or a separate seafood platter at dinner or a late night cake and ice cream.  Take a moment, indulge yourself.

I think I'm picking up some nut-filled oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - which are totally off my diet and my kids won't eat them. Perfect!

* * *
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