Friday, April 22, 2016

Life is Like a Black & White Milkshake

We’d like to think that life is like a sundae. Start with that base layer of a couple scoops of vanilla and chocolate. Go ahead, add a scoop of mocha almond fudge for some good flavor. Another scoop of Chunky Monkey because why not. A couple dollops of whipped cream and do not leave out the hot fudge. Crushed Oreos? Yeah, sure. I’ll go without the cherry, because I do not like those kinds of cherries, but you go for it if that’s your thing.  I’ll take some of those almond slivers though. Pass the spoon and a napkin, give me a little time, and we’ll get through this thing happily.

But really, it’s more like a milkshake. Start with that basic vanilla – ice cream and milk. If you change your mind and want a little something more flavorful, a black and white instead perhaps, you’ve got to pour out some of the vanilla and pour in chocolate, then mix it together. You might be able to pour in a shot of Kahlua (you do do that, right?)  You might even be able to get a little whipped cream on top.  But that’s about it. No crushed cookies, no almonds. No additional milkshake poured on top because it will overflow.  Because that will be a mess and will run all over the table and then you’ll have to clean it up and that won’t be fun. And if its like anything in my house, someone will drink your milkshake while you are cleaning off the table.

So that’s about how I’m feeling on life choices right now. I know – I come back after not writing for a couple weeks with this crazy food analogy. Because we all like food, especially ice cream. And because bad analogies make the world go ‘round.

I’ll be back, let's say next Friday, maybe with more bad food analogies.

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