Monday, April 15, 2013

Mom-Me Celebration - Day 4: Get Moving for 30 Minutes

We all know exercise is good for our overall health. And unless you have been living under a slice of chocolate cake lately, you are well aware of the "30 minutes a day" recommendation. The American Heart Association says its good for your heart.  US News Health reports that it's good for your reducing stress, handling depression, and lifting your mood. WebMd explains it's benefits for weight-loss and prevention of various diseases and conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

But knowing and doing are two different things. We're tired, we're busy, we don't know what to do, we don't feel like it. Our knees hurt, our backs ache, we get out of breath. Everyone has their own excuse. So today, is the push to get over all those excuses.

Your Mom-Me Celebration activity today is to Move for 30 minutes. Because, mom - you've got to be healthy, for yourself and for your family.
I hated tennis in high school gym, but it's now one of my favorite activities - if only for the cute outfits.

What to do?  The first thought when you think exercse is running and weightlifting, but there's many more options. Here's a few:
  • Dance - zuumba, jazz-ercise, step aerobics, formal dance classes
  • Play a sport - softball, basketball, tennis, football
  • Swim - laps, aqua-aerobics, water zuumba
  • Walk - it's free and you can do it anywhere
  • Return to your childhood favorites - ice skate, roller skate, bike ride
When to fit it in? That's every busy person's question. But we have more time than we think if we consider all those dead time pockets in our day.
  • Waiting for kids at practice/lessons/activities - go for a walk or run instead of sitting
  • While checking emails and FB - I'm working on doing these things while on the treadmill. The key is to keep up whatever is your "normal" level on the treadmill while doing so, not crawling at 1 mile an hour.
  • Before everyone wakes up (if you are a morning person)
  • After everyone goes to bed (if you're a late-night person)
  • While walking the dog - go for a run with the pooch, even if for a few minutes
  • Schedule it in to your day, like any other appointment - put it on your calendar
My "Pack Your Bags" post on exercising has more ideas on what to carry in your gym bag and exercises you can do without being in a gym (like jump-roping).

How do I stick to it? Figure out what motivates you has been my key. It sounds simple, but that's what it comes down to - what is going to make you keep at it?
  • Enjoy it - Find something you like, or at least can pretend to like for 30 minutes. Nothing will put a stop to an exercise routine like doing something you hate.
  • Commitment - pay for a class, agree to meet a friend, join a team
  • Join a gym - find one that fits your needs. Mine has a pool, various classes and lessons, experts to answer questions, kids' activities, childcare, even a masseuse - very few excuses left.
  • Set a goal - determine how much weight you want to lose by a certain date, establish a target number you want to hit: miles, laps, baskets, serves, situps.  I've set a number of miles I want to run each month - 26 - a marathon.
Are you scratching your head, thinking "I thought this Mom-Me Celebration thing was supposed to be fun and all about me?" Yes, it is. To be the best mom and to be the best you, you need to be healthy and happy.  Now, go move.

What is your favorite exercise or moving activity?

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